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Tis the Season of Giving -

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Lone Willow Candle Company works each month to partner with a local organization to promote the good they provide for the community. For the month of December, we are working with the Humane Society of Johnson County to raise funds to allow them to expand on an exciting initiative they started in May 2022 called Whiskers for Wellness. The Whiskers for Wellness program allows the HSJC to travel to local schools, retirement facilities, memory care units and recently they have been able to include detention facilities. They are able to visit with individuals and share the happiness and love that the animals provide.

As you know there is expense in traveling to each location to share this opportunity and this is where we can help! Whisker for Wellness recently purchased a bus, which while new to them, is actually rather old and parts are limited due to availability. Food, vet visits and supplies for the animals, fuel for the transportation, free quarterly vaccine clinics and monthly pet food pantries all add to their expenses.

Now, what you may not know - they rely strictly off of our generous donations and funding. The Humane Society of Johnson County is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization that strives to benefit our community by enhancing the companion animal-human bond through education and adoption programs. They are not a government entity. A center of this type that does not receive government funds requires the support of the entire community. While it directly benefits the animals being homed it also benefits the community in general by helping to create a community that is concerned for all its citizens, both human and animal.

How can we help make a difference?

Place a candle order with Lone Willow Candle Company and 40% will be donated directly to the Humane Society of Johnson County Whiskers for Wellness Program.


Donate directly to them at Donations | Humane Society of Johnson County (

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